Shipping dangerous goods (ADR)

We handle shipments of dangerous goods worldwide, ensuring compliance with ADR regulations for shipments by land, sea and air.

The transport of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are divided into several categories and subcategories based on the type of risk they present during transport.

This classification is established internationally by the United Nations (UN) through the “Globally Harmonized System” (GHS) and the “Regulation on the transport of dangerous goods” (ADR), which is used for road transport.

To make possible the shipment of substances that fall into the dangerous categories, it is necessary to follow the best practices for the packaging, storage, documentation and shipment of the goods.

The Way to Go staff, thanks to years of experience and continuous updating, will manage the practices for the shipment of dangerous goods, ensuring that all legal requirements are respected.

The advantages of the Way To Go transport of dangerous goods

We take the utmost care to ensure that every shipment of dangerous goods is handled with the utmost care and precision. Our meticulous procedures ensure that your parcel is prepared and delivered safely, complying with all relevant ADR laws and regulations.

Our service for the shipment of dangerous goods includes the management of:

Packaging: We use high-quality materials and specialized techniques to ensure that your goods are carefully protected from shock, vibration and other potential sources of damage during transit. Each item is strategically placed within the package to minimize the risk of unwanted movement.

Labeling and Marking: Each package is marked with clear and easily recognizable labels, which clearly indicate the nature of the contents, the associated dangers and instructions for safe handling. This approach ensures that personnel involved in transport are fully aware of the risks and necessary precautions.

Complete Documentation: Prior to shipment, we ensure that all required documents are filled out accurately and compliantly. These include the declaration of danger, the transport document and other relevant customs or regulatory documents. Our experience allows us to ensure that every shipment is ready for passage across borders and regulatory boundaries.

With years of experience in the dangerous goods shipping industry, we have honed our skills to handle situations and challenges of all kinds.

This deep knowledge allows us to confidently approach every aspect of the shipping process, giving you peace of mind and reliability.

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