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Way To Go partners with MSC Cruises for lost & found management

MSC cruises partner for lost & found objects

Preparing for a cruise evokes palpable excitement. However, even the most meticulous traveler may encounter unforeseen situations, such as misplacing or forgetting their luggage.

During moments of discomfort and frustration, it’s crucial to rely on a dependable partner to care for personal belongings. This is why the partnership between MSC Cruises and Way To Go is invaluable.

Yet, the benefits of this successful collaboration extend beyond MSC. Accommodation providers also have the opportunity to utilize these services through Way To Go’s Luggage portal.

In this detailed exploration, we will delve into a wider range of luggage management services for clients, aiming to make travel more comfortable and convenient for all.

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Partnership with MSC Cruises: History and Evolution

As hinted in the introduction, Way To Go proudly boasts a significant partnership with MSC Cruises for managing the Lost & Found service. This strategic collaboration not only fills us with pride but also establishes us as a reliable partner for luggage management.

This partnership didn’t materialize overnight but is the result of years of commitment and dedication to providing high-quality logistics services. From onboard logistics to passenger needs, we offer effective and reliable solutions.

Initially, MSC Cruises relied on other providers for lost & found shipping services. However, for various reasons, they chose Way To Go. Our extensive industry experience and ability to adapt to specific client needs made us the ideal partner for efficient and professional service delivery.

Way To Go’s Additional Services for MSC Cruises

Since the beginning of our partnership with MSC, Way To Go has provided a wide array of additional services, including:

  • Gift management
  • Organization of distribution activities at travel agencies
  • Supply of spare parts for ships in case of breakdowns
  • Management of onboard store suppliers
  • Distribution of masks and COVID-19 testing during the pandemic

This holistic and proactive approach reflects Way To Go’s commitment to providing seamless and highly satisfying services.

Future Outlook of the Collaboration

The collaboration with MSC Cruises continues to evolve. Each year presents new opportunities, and our partnership grows stronger. Recently, MSC has shown interest in further expanding our collaboration, exploring new possibilities and outlets in various Italian ports. Through meticulous examination of port-specific needs, we aim to create cluster services in ports visited by MSC, eventually extending this approach to all destinations.

Lost & Found Management

Lost&found management for cruises

The lost & found service is crucial for ensuring a stress-free cruise experience for passengers. Currently, we manage two types of situations:

  • Luggage actually forgotten by passengers: the cost is borne by the passenger, and luggage management is facilitated through the LUGGAGE portal.
  • In case of service failures by MSC, such as luggage delivery delays or disembarkation issues: expenses are covered directly by the company, eliminating the need for the aforementioned service.

The advantages of choosing a MSC partner

Partnering with an MSC partner like Way To Go offers numerous advantages. Our reliability and expertise in the industry are bolstered by MSC’s utilization of our services. Additionally, we offer a wide range of logistics solutions, from lost & found management to luggage shipping for accommodation facilities and hotels.

Luggage Shipping for Accommodation Facilities and Hotels

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond MSC cruises. Through our LUGGAGE portal, we offer luggage shipping services for all accommodation facilities and hotels. Whether it’s a luxury hotel or a family-run guesthouse, we handle luggage logistics, allowing customers to focus solely on enjoying their vacation.

For instance, a family from a foreign country staying at a hotel can utilize our dedicated portal to have their luggage delivered directly to the property and then sent back home, eliminating the hassle of dealing with luggage transport. Thanks to our extensive experience gained with MSC, we guarantee a reliable, efficient, and tailored service for the needs of any hotel, accommodation facility, or private individual.

This flexible approach enables us to meet a wide range of requests and provide personalized logistics solutions, ensuring a quality and reliable experience for all customers.

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Luggage management and shipping: expanded service for your business

In conclusion, the partnership between Way To Go and MSC Cruises offers a unique opportunity for anyone seeking a reliable partner for shipping, managing lost & found, and luggage services. We not only cater to the needs of cruise passengers but also offer tailor-made logistics solutions for every accommodation facility.

If you manage a facility, contact us for high-quality and reliable service. Through the Luggage portal we offer, passengers can enjoy the convenience of shipping their luggage directly from their home to the ship (or hotel), ensuring a stress-free and more enjoyable travel experience for everyone.

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