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How to ship olive oil abroad: solutions for olive mills

Ship olive oil

If you’re an olive oil producer or manufacturer seeking reliable shipping solutions, you’ve come to the right place. In the world of exports, ensuring safe and efficient olive oil shipping is crucial.

Olive oil holds significance beyond culinary contexts; it reflects the identity of a territory, making its protection and preservation during international shipments paramount.

This guide offers practical advice on ensuring the safety and quality of olive oil during transportation. We’ll explore the entire process of shipping olive oil abroad, focusing on entrusting this delicate task to reliable partners like Way To Go, ready to provide trustworthy assistance and solutions for your international shipments. Let’s dive in!

Italian oil in a glass jar

Shipping Olive Oil: The Know-How Becomes Essential

Italy plays a significant role in global olive oil exports, contributing approximately 35% of total international sales. This prominence presents unique challenges, requiring special attention to ensure your product reaches international destinations in optimal conditions.

Way To Go specializes in food product shipments, offering comprehensive solutions for every olive oil producer’s needs. Our recognition as an official partner of Amazon for Made in Italy product shipments further enhances our credibility and provides additional security for every product during transportation.

How to Ship Olive Oil Abroad?

Shipping olive oil abroad demands careful planning and an understanding of international regulations, which can be unfamiliar to many companies, producers, and individuals.

Packaging for olive oil shipping mirrors that of wine, requiring attention, adherence to strict rules, and dedication. Our experience allows us to guide you through the process, ensuring all formalities are met—from packaging to customs documentation, we take care of every detail to simplify your shipping and export journey.

Woman prepares olive bottles for shipment

Packing Olive Oil for Shipments

As with wine packaging, this step is crucial in olive oil shipping, determining the safety and integrity of the product during transportation. Proper packaging not only protects the bottles and cans but also ensures smooth delivery.

In the following section, we’ll explore step-by-step the best practices for properly packaging olive oil shipments.

Bottles or Cans in a Package

When packing bottles or cans of oil for shipment, follow these tips:

1. Cover the bottom of the box with packing material (avoid polystyrene for packaging sustainability).

2. Wrap each bottle or can with additional protective material.

3. Place the bottle or can in the box.

4. Fill any empty spaces with packing material to prevent movement during transport.

5. Seal the box and, for added protection, place it in a second larger box.

Pallet for Large Quantities

You can also choose to ship large quantities of oil via pallets. Here’s how:

1. Pack the bottles or cans individually following the previous instructions.

2. Place a cloth or cardboard on the base of the pallet.

3. Place the boxes on the pallet and separate them with additional cardboard or cloth.

4. Secure everything to the pallet with cords or straps and wrap with transparent film.

Shipping Olive Oil in Italy and Europe

The need to ship olive oil, both in Italy and abroad, may arise for various reasons.

In Italy, however, the ideal solution is to rely on a professional courier that offers convenient rates and can provide fast delivery service. Way To Go emerges as the optimal choice, ensuring efficient and safe deliveries.

When it comes to shipping quality, premium, and fragile products in Europe, Way To Go continues to offer excellent service, ensuring that your shipments reach any location intact. Delivery times vary depending on the destination, allowing you to send olive oil efficiently.

If you’re facing your first online shipment and have doubts about how to ship oil in bottles and/or cans, contact us: we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to organize your shipment safely, ensuring that your precious oil arrives at its destination intact and undamaged.

Shipping Olive Oil with Way To Go: Your Safe Choice

Relying on Way To Go for shipping your olive oil abroad is a strategic decision. Our extensive experience in food shipping, coupled with recognition as an official partner of Amazon for Made in Italy products, guarantees safe and timely delivery of your products.

Consider a partnership process through our specialized service, an additional advantage for wine and olive oil producers looking to reach new international markets. You can find more details about the service at this dedicated link.

Handle oil bottle with care

Conclusion: Strategy and Reliability

In the landscape of international shipping, Way To Go stands out as the ideal partner for olive oil producers and manufacturers. Our collaboration with Amazon, our established experience, and our attention to detail make us the perfect choice for your shipping needs.

Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and initiate a successful collaboration. Way To Go is here to facilitate your success in the international olive oil shipping market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Olive Oil Shipping

1. Can I ship olive oil with any courier?

Not all couriers accept shipments containing olive oil. Turn to partner companies with experience and a reliable track record to ensure the success of the shipment.

2. How much does it cost to ship a bottle of olive oil via courier?

The cost varies depending on the route, size, and service. Contact us and request a quote by providing precise and detailed indications for an accurate quotation.

3. What are the rules and regulations for shipping olive oil?

Comply with capacity limitations and follow the regulations for transporting olive oil in Italy. Additionally, special authorizations are required for large shipments.

4. Is olive oil shipping always insured?

Reliable and professional companies should always be covered by the CMR convention. For individuals, however, standard shipping remains at risk.

5. Can I ship olive oil to the UK after Brexit?

After Brexit, all types of shipments are subject to customs clearance. Contact us to assess your case and take charge of your shipment.

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