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How to Promote Italian Wine Abroad and Increase Sales

How to promote italian wine abroad

The art of Italian wine is an invaluable heritage that extends beyond national borders. To fully exploit the potential of this treasure, it is imperative to extend its influence internationally. In this article, we will explore effective strategies on how to sell wine abroad and promote your exquisite wines.

The key to success, as we will discover together, lies in adopting innovative approaches and advanced services that streamline distribution and promote the knowledge of Italian wine worldwide.

The significance of Foreign Countries for Italian Wine

Crossing national borders is a pivotal step for the success of Italian wine. Foreign importers, after all, play a fundamental role in supporting this national treasure and the “Made in Italy” export brand. And for this reason, it requires an impeccable import/export chain.

To ensure this, wineries are required to take a thoughtful approach to promotion, one that not only preserves the Italian wine tradition but also creates a tangible connection with international consumers.

How to Promote Wine Abroad

To attract customers to wine shops and increase wine sales, it is essential to embrace innovative initiatives.

A cutting-edge approach is based on the use of advanced online services and effective partners, such as us at Way To Go, who aim to be there every day for our prestigious clients.

In this perspective, we want to introduce you to some key initiatives that could revolutionize the promotion of your Italian wine, with particular relevance given to the services offered by Way To Go. Consider these ideas within a wide range of possible initiatives:

  • Utilizing Social Media Channels: Promoting your wine through channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can increase visibility and interest among potential customers, reaching a wider audience.
  • Collaboration with Targeted Influencers: Involving influencers (both micro and macro) in the wine industry can lead to increased brand awareness. Sharing tasting experiences and the distinctive characteristics of your wine can attract the attention of new consumers.
  • Participation in Industry Fairs in Italy and Abroad: Being present at industry fairs offers a unique opportunity to connect with wine enthusiasts and professionals. This can help expand your network and promote your products on a national and international scale.
  • Organizing Guided Tours of the Winery or Region: Offering guided tours of the winery and surrounding areas creates an engaging experience for visitors. This not only promotes your wine but also adds an authentic touch to your story.
  • Offering Direct Shipping Service from the Winery through the Way To Go Portal: After years of presence and research to offer wineries dynamic, cutting-edge, 360-degree support, we have indeed created an intuitive portal that simplifies the process of booking and shipping wine. With this tool by your side, you will know every time the financial commitment and every step of your promotional efforts on how to promote wine abroad, also being able to rely on excellent customer service available on the other side of the screen.

Effective Initiatives in Partnership with Way to Go

To provide a comprehensive overview, here are some key initiatives that we at Way To Go consistently promote and that can revolutionize the promotion of your Italian wine, starting from the national territory and reaching the flourishing and essential foreign market:

  • Manifesto in Wine Shops: Implementing the display of a manifesto in wine shops is a direct approach to inform customers about the convenience of shipping selected wines directly to their homes, creating a direct channel between the winery and wine enthusiasts.
  • Online Discounts on Marketplaces like Amazon: Deepening online presence, including the ability to offer special discounts on platforms like Amazon, is an effective way to reach a wide audience and leverage synergies with services like Way To Go for fast and reliable shipping.
  • Personalized Promotional Packages: Creating personalized promotional packages, tailored to the specific needs of the customer and based on the winery’s history, is a flexible and customer-oriented approach to stimulate sales and meet the diverse preferences of the clientele.
  • Collaborations with Restaurants and Establishments: Collaborating with restaurants and establishments to promote the tasting experience, combined with convenient and secure shipping services, creates valuable synergies between dining and wineries, amplifying the visibility of Italian wine.
  • Participation in International Events: Active participation in international industry events, supported by Way To Go’s efficient and secure shipping service, is a key opportunity to increase the visibility of Italian wine abroad, opening up new market horizons.
  • Service for Preparation and Shipping of Christmas Gifts: By introducing the service for preparation and shipping of Christmas gifts and hampers, Way To Go offers added value, allowing wineries to expand their customer base during the holiday season with special packages and timely deliveries.
Statistics on wine consumption after winery visit

Statistics Reinforcing the Direct Approach

Industry experts suggest that visitors to wineries are more likely to make direct purchases after tastings and masterclasses aimed at getting to know the product directly on site. This confirms the importance of promotions and events that facilitate direct shipping and also suggests that simply offering this convenience can result in a significant increase in sales.

Studying the numbers related to wine tourism for 2022, regarding participation in tastings at wineries, it was observed that about 73.8% of visitors, at the end of their on-site experience, decide to purchase at least one bottle of wine. Furthermore, more than 60% of visitors decide to purchase a quantity ranging from 3 to 6 bottles.

The bond with the brand is also strengthened, a significant factor for the winery’s ability to build a strong and lasting relationship with its best customers, one that remains stable and enduring over time.

Way To Go and the Experience in Shipping Wine Abroad

The Way To Go platform is not just a shipping service but a reliable partner for wineries and wine producers. A strategic and secure choice that you can maintain regularly, making us a fixed collaborator and not just a one-time service.

Our solid experience in shipping wine abroad, moreover, goes beyond mere logistics, offering instead comprehensive support: among these, for example, stands out our commitment to promoting, among companies and wineries, vital participation in national and international fairs, which can guarantee a significant promotional showcase for the product.

Shipment safety, furthermore, is our priority, and Way To Go stands out for its expertise in ensuring that the wine reaches the recipient in optimal conditions.

Shipping to the United States, in addition, is handled with particular care, considering the strategic importance of this market.

Receive italian wine in USA

Case Study: Shipping a Wine Sample Abroad with Way To Go

If you are a wine producer looking to promote a particular wine, eager to expand your customer base both nationally and internationally, shipping wine samples is an inevitable practice.

This process, which as we have seen can involve participation in fairs, events, or simply presenting new wines to potential buyers, requires special care to ensure the integrity of the bottles and the preservation of wine quality during transport.

Here are the optimal and safe conditions guaranteed by collaborating with Way To Go:

  • Safe Packaging: Use sturdy double or triple-layer cardboard boxes designed specifically for transporting wine bottles, ensuring stability and essential protection;
  • Avoid Leaks and Breaks: Pay attention to corks and bottle packaging. Make sure the corks are tightly sealed and the bottles are securely positioned in the packaging boxes;
  • Correct Labeling: Clearly indicate the “Fragile” label on the packaging. Additionally, indelibly mark the sample bottles to exclude them from resale;
  • Choosing the Right Courier: Selecting an experienced shipper is crucial. Way To Go, with over 20 years of experience, offers reliable and secure deliveries, personalized services, and reduced delivery times.

Ultimately, shipping wine samples requires attention to crucial details. Relying on a logistics partner like Way To Go simplifies this process, ensuring that your samples reach national or international destinations safely and reliably.


In conclusion, promoting Italian wine abroad requires a strategic and innovative approach, which only a reliable and specific partnership over time can guarantee.

Using services like Way To Go, therefore, can become your key to attracting customers to your wine shop and expanding your sales reach, also leveraging the foreign market.

For more information and to receive personalized quotes, do not hesitate to contact us.

We at Way To Go are looking forward to actively contributing to the success of your winery!

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